If you don’t have a good email campaign in place, you’re leaving big money on the table.

How much?

Well let’s say you build up a subscriber list of 5,000 names. Your product nets you a profit of $97 for each sale. You send out an email that brings in a 2% response rate, or 100 sales.

At $97 per sale, that comes to a total of $9,700!

Then, a few days later, you send out another email that brings in another 2% response rate.

That’s another $18,400 right there, that you make!

Money you never would have earned without a well-oiled subscriber list and a strategic e-mail strategy.

Why leave money on the table?

There’s no need to wait.

Ask me how I can help you make this happen for you!

Another great way to build a solid relationship with your prospects and clients,good emails  are an art  form.

But not just any email.

It has to be an email with a subject line that screams “open me!”

. . . And with interesting content that makes your prospect read the email to the very end, and then click on the desired link.

Michael Masterson calls Matt Furey “the greatest email writer in the world.”

I’ve studied Matt Furey’s Formula for Making a Fortune With Email, where Matt reveals his email formula that earns him over $10,000 a day!

If your email strategy is not bringing you the results you want, let’s talk.